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Monday, March 26, 2001
Rocket Arena 3 for Mac Released
12:38 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The new release of Rocket Arena 3, the popular game type for Quake 3: Arena, finally includes support for the Mac OS version of Q3A by removing all dependencies on "dll" files. You may have tried a similar version of the mod for Unreal Tournament; if so you know how this mod works. In Rocket Arena, two players face off with all of the available weapons, armor, and ammo. It's then up to the best player to use his arsenal to defeat the other without tactics such as powerup hogging, respawn camping or running patterns.

Version 1.5 brings a host of other changes and fixes to Rocket Arena 3. Unfortunately, it also breaks compatibility with the previous version of the mod, so you'll need to wait until the servers upgrade to 1.5 as well before being able to play. Here are a few of the differences in the game:

  • 5 new Multi-Arena maps (see them on the screenshots page)
  • Mac support for RA3 client
  • New "enemy_model" cvar to allow you to set the enemy team to a different model
  • Improved player spawning code
  • Callvote support for "map"
  • IP addresses/names of players logged for server admins
  • Vote spam protection
  • New stats commands for weapon accuracy
  • Major cheat-protection/bot prevention improvements
  • Integrated IRC chat client
  • MP3 player fixed under Q3 1.27
  • Demo recording fixed under Q3 1.27
  • Pure server support
  • At nearly 80MB, Rocket Arena 1.5 is a massive download for those on anything but a broadband connection. If you've got the time and interest, head over to MacGameFiles to grab it now.

    Rocket Arena 3 Web Site
    Download Rocket Arena 3 1.5 (78.3MB)

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