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Monday, March 26, 2001
Pillars of Garendall at Beta 2
8:28 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Ambrosia Software's progress log for the upcoming RPG Pillars of Garendall has been updated, and it notes that the game has just reached the second major milestone of its Beta test phase. They are using the Coldstone game engine from Beenox for development, and it sounds like the title has progressed well in the month since its public announcement. PoG will be a realtime isometric RPG in the tradition of Zelda and console-style titles, and if the example movie they offer is up to date, it will look and sound terrific as well. More importantly PoG is a technology demo of the amazing capabilities of the Coldstone engine, which will hopefully inspire many more who are passionate about RPG gaming to create their own games with the user-friendly tools.

Here's an excerpt from the update which discusses some of the many changes:

This version has hundred of fixes and enhancements over the first beta. The engine is almost the same - the focus of this second beta was to fix and improve gameplay issues.

PoG B2 was built with a slightly improved version of Coldstone B3 so some things may not behave exactly like a game made with Coldstone B3. This doesn't mean that we will use a private version of Coldstone to make PoG, this only means that Coldstone B4 is not yet ready for release.

B2 includes (among others) these modifications over B1:

  • All maps have been tweaked (access values, terrain, etc.)
  • More landmarks added as well
  • New caves, special encounters and areas added
  • New "travelling system"
  • Some quests added or slightly modified
  • A couple of interface graphics have been tweaked and improved
  • Inventory is now sorted by item type (for both the player and the shops)
  • The infamous mage bug fixed
  • A huge memory leak bug fixed
  • All quests now appear in the quest list
  • Some parts of maps have been removed to reduce the chance of getting lost at the beginning
  • Keyboard shortcuts added for the map buttons
  • You can't save while in encounter (i.e. hostile NPCs are nearby)
  • A couple of NPC animation cycles optimized
  • Plus a lot more...
  • Unfortunately, only those lucky enough to partake in the closed beta can try out the new version of the Pillars of Garendall. While there's no official released date set for the game, it's good to hear the beta testing is progressing well. Check out Ambrosia's site for screen shots and other media of the title in action.

    IMG News: Ambrosia's New RPG, Pillars of Garendall
    Ambrosia's Upcoming Games Page
    Ambrosia Software
    Pillars of Garendall

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