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Friday, March 23, 2001
Majesty Expansion Released for PC, Mac Hopes Alive
9:46 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Cyberlore has released their Majesty: Northern Expansion for the PC recently, an expansion to their innovative RTS which includes many improvements and a whole new solo campaign. The original title has generated many PC and Mac fans who enjoy the game's unique take on running a kingdom. Unlike other RTS titles such as Starcraft, players of Majesty can't directly control their minions. Instead you must 'motivate' them with bouties of gold to do your bidding, and provide other means to boost their abilities and morale.

The Northern Expansion add-on pack brings a number of features to the original game such as more buildings, new monsters, a snowy tileset and 12 new quests. The mulitplayer modes have also been cleaned up to fix some gameplay issues. For more information, check out a recent preview of the expansion published by Strategy Planet, which has lots of good info.

It should be said that there has been no official announcement about a Mac version of the Northern Expansion yet -- the original Majesty was brought to the Mac OS by MacPlay. However, the Majesty forums provide a tiny bit of hope in the form of a post by Cyberlore's Jay Adan. In this following quote, he responds to a Mac user's concern over the removal of the Mac logo from their front page:

At this point it should be clear that Majesty is available for the Mac, but as the expansion was being featured on the front page I didn't want there to be confusion about the expansion being available for the Mac.

For the record, talks continue about releasing it in the future for the Mac.

You can believe we're trying to get more details from both Cyberlore and MacPlay on the possibility of a Mac OS version of this expansion. We'll keep you posted if any new information is discovered; for now, Mac Majesty fans should post in the Cyberlore forums to show your support for a port of this expansion.

IMG Review of Majesty
Download Majesty Demo from MGF (32.2MB)
Preview of Majesty: The Northern Expansion at StrategyPlanet
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Archives  News  Majesty Expansion Released for PC, Mac Hopes Alive