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Thursday, March 22, 2001

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GarageGames Interview Reveals More Details
10:52 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A new interview at VoodooExtreme talks with Jeff Tunnell, president of GarageGames about their recently announced licensing deal for Tribes 2. As we broke the news to you last week, this company's new plan might encourage a Mac OS port of the Tribes 2 engine (known as V12) in the future, which in turn would open the door to a port of Tribes 2 or games made with its engine. The interview questions are quite direct and cover issues such as competing engines like Unreal 2 or Doom 3, the extremely low $100 licensing fee and how they plan to survive as a company with this unusual -- to say the least -- business model. Here's an excerpt:

VE - Do you plan on doing much to the Tribes 2 engine?  We ask as the next-gen Unreal engine is looking quite sharp, many feel that Tribes 2, at least visually speaking, won't be able to touch the next-gen Unreal engine (purely based on shots).  Are you guys going to continually enhance it?  We doubt the net code needs any work, seems it's only the visuals people are concerned about (when comparing to another engine).

JT - It always amazes me how people get caught up in the "next" engine.  It is pretty easy to look good when you only run on GeForce3 cards with pixel and vertex shaders in non-game technology demos.  That said, everybody at GarageGames is drooling over the Unreal and Doom demos.  We intend to push as hard as we can to keep the V12 (our name for the Tribes 2 engine) as state of the art as possible.  One advantage I think we will have now is that we will have developers around the world contributing to our engine. We will harness this work force by trading off back end royalty points for code that gets added to the V12 and brought back to the developer community.

Check out the rest of the interview for more from Tunnell. We certainly do hope they can survive, as they're likely our best chance of seeing a Mac port of Tribes 2. It's still too early to say anything definite as of yet, but we'll bring you any new information that becomes available.

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