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Thursday, March 22, 2001
British Columbia Video Game Legislation Announced
10:16 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

We noted on Avault that Attorney General Graeme Bowbrick of British Columbia recently announced a new B.C. classification
system for video games. Interestingly enough, much research and cooperation with the U.S. government took place beforehand; thus the newly-stated rules
for game sales and rentals in B.C. have a familiar tone:

  • Store owners will be required to display Mature video games on a separate shelf so parents can
    easily identify them. Adult Only games will have to be kept in a separate room from other games
    in the same manner as Adult Only video films.
  • The director of film classification will review Adult Only and Mature video games for obscene or
    excessively violent content and will be able to ban them from sale or rental in B.C. under the
    same criteria applied to films.
  • Conditions will be imposed for selling or renting video games so minors cannot sample, rent or
    buy those classified as Mature or Adult Only.
  • An advisory board will be established to help government monitor the ratings systemís
    effectiveness and provide advice to the attorney general.

The B.C. Coalition Opposed to Violent Entertainment, represented by Jillian Skeet, had this to say:

"Video-game violence hurts children and their families. I want government, business and the public to work together to protect them."
For the full story, be sure to read the official report. The Regulatory Impact
Statement pertaining to the proposal is also available, and cites the issues and reasons
behind each action implemented. The enactment of this proposal is of course no indication that similar legislation will proposed or enacted in other provinces or countries, but it may be indicative of a shift in mood in government attitude towards the entertainment industries, which have so far been allowed to enact and enforce self-regulation rather than be externally monitored. Be sure to make your opinions on this issue heard in our Forums.

B.C. Govt - Video Games Legislation Announced
Regulatory Impact Statement - Proposed Video Games Act

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