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Wednesday, March 21, 2001
Atlas: The Gift of Aramai in Beta Testing
1:52 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

We've received some exciting news from Freeverse Software and developer Digital Terra: the RPG Atlas: The Gift of Aramai is now ready for beta testing, and they are looking for qualified candidates. This RPG has been quite some time in development, but looks to be a splendid return to the tile-based days of yore.

Inside Mac Games published a preview of this RPG some time ago. This ambitious effort on the part of Digital Terra won't be the kind of game you can finish in a weekend, as this excerpt attests:

The Atlas engine sports its own complex scripting language, which gives the scenario authors very precise control over complicated situations, without involving the engine itself. Many plot elements can be triggered from one event, meaning the scenario can become very dynamic without a digging into the guts of the engine. A designer even used the scripting language to program a blackjack game for a tavern!

The developers are looking to make The Gift of Aramai one of the largest RPGs available on the Mac. To get an idea of how large this world is, realize that there are over 1,440,000 individual tiles that make up the map, with at least another 16,000 for the towns, caves, etc. This should give travelers in The Gift of Aramai a sense of scale they may not have experienced before.

Currently the Digital Terra site is accepting candidates for beta testing; this is a serious opportunity and not simply an excuse to play a game for free. Read through our Preview to find out if Atlas is the type of game you'd like to play, then visit the Digital Terra site to apply for beta testing. Freeverse's Atlas page also has more details and screen shots of this title, if you're interested.

Digital Terra Web Site
Atlas: The Gift of Aramai
First Look: Atlas The Gift of Aramai

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