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Tuesday, March 20, 2001

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Tropico Preview, Interview
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Stomped has posted a new preview of the upcoming dictator-sim Tropico, which aslo includes a Q&A with Phil Steinmeyer of developer PopTop Software. Stomped has spent some time hands-on with a recent beta of the game, and they offer a short overview of the challenges facing you as Tropico's dictator-for-life. Here are details about the map generator which you will be able to use to customize your islands:

The game allows for both pre-generated scenarios (not found in our beta version) as well maps that you can generate yourself. You can alter how much vegetation, water and minerals are in your island kingdom as well as alter the elevations of mountains. The graphics in the game are first rate. Both software and hardware modes are available but both look very good, with resolutions up to 1600x1200. The animations of the island's native population are excellent. The game itself has a look and feel that is very humorous and this extends to the terrific music which has a light 1950's Cuban theme.
In the interview with Steinmeyer, he discusses the current status of the game, the reasons for no multiplayer modes, and the chances of a demo being released. Here's a clip:
Stomped: What do you plan to put in the demo of the game when it is released?

Steinmeyer: We haven't decided 100% for sure. It's one of the reasons we delayed doing a demo - with a game like Tropico, it's a very tricky balance between putting enough in the demo that players get a legitimate taste of the game, but not so much that we're essentially giving away the full game. The problem is that we're not scenario-based. With Railroad Tycoon 2, we just put out a couple scenarios, but we had 25 more in the box, and people who tried the demo wanted the full scenario set. If we don't cripple the random map generator or some other part of the game, they'll be no incentive for someone to buy it.

We'll probably time limit the demo, and disable a few other features, but I'm not 100% sure.

Head over to Stomped for the rest of the scoop from Steinmeyer. The PC version of this game is due in 19 days; stay tuned for more info on the Mac version of Tropico, which is now set for a release in about two months by Gathering of Developers.

Tropico Preview/Interview at Stomped
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