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Tuesday, March 20, 2001

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GameSpy Previews World War II Online
9:43 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

GameSpy has posted a preview of the upcoming title World War II Online:
. Billed as a "Massive Multiplayer First-Person Shooter," this highly-anticipated
title is looking to do what no other title has even attempted -- create a
huge, persistent world in which staggering amounts of players can do battle simultaneously, simulating an entire theater of war.

The environment itself is reportedly huge, spanning Great Britain, France, Denmark,
Belgium and a good chunk of the rest of Europe all at one-half scale. Every major city and landmark,
including rivers and other geographical items, will be included as well. Of course to cross these
vast areas players will need vehicles, and WWII Online delivers in this area. There will be tanks,
planes, trucks and other such vehicles that one can drive (with the right crews, of course), or
a player can just run around on foot with a rifle, picking off enemies one at a time.

Curious as to how many people WWII Online theaters will be able to handle? Take a look:

Once you're been granted a uniform, you
begin your career at a spawn point, usually
near a fracas -- and there's bound to be
one nearby because each theater of war
can cope with 10,000 players
simultaneously. Yes. 10,000. And 64 of
those can be seen on the screen at once
between 15 and 25 frames per second.
Each player, with proper guidance, won't just be another faceless grunt either. Character name registration is
taking place right now at the official WWII Online site. If a player survives long enough to advance in the ranks,
other features will become available to that player, such as the ability to recruit others and
plan various attacks -- useful when coordinating a strike involving several tanks, each one
piloted by several players, or commanding entire battles.

Needless to say, this title sounds quite ambitious. A Mac version of this game is due soon after the final release, and is expected to have reasonable system and bandwidth requirements. Watch for more details coming soon.

World War II Online Official Site
Strategy First
Cornered Rat Software
World War II Online

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