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Monday, March 19, 2001
Confuware Reveals "Horrific Resolution"
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Mac-only game creators Confuware Technologies have revealed their next project: Horrific Resolution: Locke's Journey , an RPG which ostensibly picks up where SquareSoft's famous Final Fantasy 3 left off. Team member "MacDuff" dropped off the following information:

Confuware Technologies unveiled their
latest project, Horrific Resolution: Locke's Journey. The game is an
upcoming RPG which follows the life of Final Fantasy 3's Locke, after the
fall of the Empire. As always, the game will be exclusive to the Mac. A
little preview pic is available at Confuware's homepage, with information to
come in the following days and a teaser movie to be released in about a
Visit the Confuware web site for more details and the teaser image. If the name Confuware sounds a bit familiar, you might remember they were involved in a scandal a while back when their game Harvest Moon Gold was shut down due to a supposed copyright conflict with Japanese developer Natsume.

Confuware Technologies

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Archives  News  Confuware Reveals "Horrific Resolution"