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Monday, March 19, 2001
Clan Lord Goes Carbon
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A helpful reader pointed out that Delta Tao has updated the downloads page for their MMORPG Clan Lord with a small "binary" that allows you to run the game natively under Mac OS X, Apple's next-generation OS that is due to be released this Friday. The advantage of running this Carbon version of Clan Lord under OS X is of course being able to play the game without launching the Classic environment, and taking advantage of protected memory spaces et al. The actual operation of the game should be nearly identical to the Classic/Mac OS 9 versions.

Clan Lord recently reached version 171; an update to v173 is due this Wednesday, which will also presumably include a Carbon build. CL players who are also early adopters of Mac OS X will get to reap the benefit of that OS immediately -- that is, if they can get Saturday FedEx delivery in their area.

Delta Tao's Clan Lord Web Site

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