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Monday, March 19, 2001
Austerlitz 1805 Available
8:57 AM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

...By Design has announced that their next game of historical tactical warfare, Austerlitz 1805 is now "gold," and their are accepting orders for this title. Austerlitz is a game based on the Waterloo Campaign Engine. This time around you play as Napoleon versus the Austrian and Russian Alliance. Here are more details:

By Design, Inc. proudly announces that we have completed a new Napoleonic
wargame only for the Apple Macintosh.

This new game is based on the Waterloo Campaign engine but covers the battle
between Napoleon and the Austrian/Russian alliance.

The game has the following exciting features:

o Battalion level conflict, command hundreds of units!

o Great new graphics, see hedge rows, streams, chateaux, and smoke clouds
hang over the battlefield.

o Skirmishers!

o All the commanders down to the Division level are present.

o Command your units as groups. You can move hundreds of units with a click
of the mouse.

o Capture enemies flags. Increase the pride of your troops when they carry
back enemy flags from a mélee.

o Move units in formation by simply clicking where you want them to move to.

o Multiple units per square.

o Play either side and even switch sides in the middle of a battle.

o The units are fully editable. Add or remove any unit from any battle.

Change the characteristics of any unit.

o Elegant, effortless interface. Lots of new interface features to help you
understand your army and how to win.

o Rich historical content.

o Outstanding sound, hear the charge, cannons roar, and cavalry pound past
your position.

System Requirements:

Mac OS 7.0 or better

68040 or PPC

8 MB memory

8 MB hard disk space

If you are interested in turn-based tactical warfare, be sure and stop by the web site to check out Austerlitz and By Design's other titles in this vein.

..By Design

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Archives  News  Austerlitz 1805 Available