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Thursday, March 15, 2001
Limited Open Beta of Warbirds III Available
9:50 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

The official open beta of Warbirds III has been announced. For those unfamiliar with this title,
Warbirds III is a online multiplayer WWII aerial combat sim that features 3-D graphics and several types
of senario/gameplay options, including Dogfighting, Bombing and Field capture.

The purpose of the open beta is to get as many players as possible up and running
on the servers so that bug testing and server load balancing can take place. The open beta arena will be open daily from 12pm - 3pm
and from 6pm - 9pm EST.

Requirements to be a tester, according to the Warbirds III site, include:

  • An open mind. We know this isn't perfect…yet ;)
  • A current WarBirds account. There is no hourly charge in the open beta test arena for those on the Silver ($9.95) plan.
  • How to open a zipped file. To speed up the development process, all downloads will be in zipped format.
  • The ability to find bugs and communicate the steps it took to create each bug, so that we can easily isolate and squash them.
  • Downloads and updated information, which will be available from the WarBirds III Briefs page.

For more information on the game itself, feel free to check out the official Warbirds III website.

Warbirds III Official Site

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Archives  News  Limited Open Beta of Warbirds III Available