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Wednesday, March 14, 2001

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Myst IV in the Works?
10:23 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Jim Stephenson's fan site the Riven Unofficial Home Page has done a little investigating into a press release from last week which hinted at another Myst title beyond the upcoming release of Myst III: Exile. The PR concerned Ubi Soft's purchase of the Learning Company's games -- another in the long line of publisher changes for Myst series. A clip from the release shows they intend to move the series to a fourth:

Thanks to this acquisition, Ubi Soft, one of the world leaders in interactive entertainment, becomes the publisher of the next two episodes of the MystŪ series
Stephenson found confirmation from Ubi Soft that this press release was referring to a fourth Myst and not Cyan's other title, realMYST.

Richard Watson from Cyan later toned down the enthusiasm by saying he would hope "Myst IV would be a safe bet," but that it's not a "sure thing" at this point. With the sheer number of preorders supposedly already made for Myst III: Exile, the likelyhood of a fourth title greatly increases. We'll keep you posted as any new information becomes available. Exile is set for a simultaneous Mac/PC release on May 7, so be sure to get your preorders in now.

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