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Wednesday, March 14, 2001
Volition Focused on Mac Summoner
10:16 AM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

Recently Volition announced that Summoner, their online role-playing game has gone gold for PC. We spoke with the publisher of the Mac version of this title, Graphsim, in order to determine the status of the Mac OS version of the game. Graphsim's Jeff Morgan told us that Volition is now concentrating on the Mac OS version. Graphsim still need to perfom some tests in order to determine the system requirments for the game, but it should be ready to ship quite soon. Here are the details:

Right now we know that Volition is concentrating on the Mac version.
We should be receiving a test version next week. As soon as we get it we
will be able to lock down the exact system requirements. Right now it looks
like 64MB Ram with 333Mhz processor or better running OS8.5 or later. We
need to run some tests to determine what level of 3D graphics acceleration
is required.
Expect more information on Summoner soon!

IMG Summoner's Mark Allender Interview
Graphsim Entertainment
Summoner Web Site
Buy Summoner

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