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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

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AI War: Fleet Command Major Update & Expansion August 18
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Arcen Games has announced an August 18 release for version 8.0 of its space combat strategy title AI War: Fleet Command as well as the game's sixth expansion: Destroyer of Worlds. In addition to the hefty changes and additions included in the new version the expansion will offer Nomad Planets, The Exodian Blade alternate win scenario, 8 new AI types, a new Encapsulated map style, 4 new bonus ship types, and 2 new AI Guardian types.

Version 8.0:

What's new this go-round? Well, the release notes from version 7.0 to 8.0 are over 29,000 words long. It's quite a lot!

Here are a few key changes:

  • Linux support comes to AI War!
  • Hacking is now a primary resource, seen up on the top bar. There are also new forms of hacking.
  • Crystal, on the other hand, has been removed from the game. All metal now, baby. (There were many detailed discussions about the need for this with fans).
  • Tons of refinement has been made to how the AI manages its resources and how it reacts to various things that you do.
  • An entirely new way of playing with Champions has been added -- a free new feature for a previous expansion!
  • Spirecraft, Golems, and Warheads have all been rebalanced.
  • AI Carriers now work entirely differently; they pass damage to the ships within themselves, among other changes.
  • Turret caps have been revised heavily, so that their main lines are now per-planet caps rather than global, which allows you to better defend on multiple fronts.
  • And a whooole bunch of other stuff.
Destroyer of Worlds

From the game-changing Nomad Planets to the mysterious Exodian Blade, “Destroyer of Worlds” brings a new level of devastation to the epic AI War universe. Dare you use weapons that threaten the structure of the galaxy itself?

Features Added In The Expansion:

  • Nomad Planets introduces dynamic topology to AI War for the first time, giving the player new challenges and opportunities beyond the previously-static wormhole network.
  • One of the Nomads also holds a secret weapon of truly dire power (that gives the expansion its title, hint hint).
  • The Exodian Blade is a powerful alternate way-to-win, but getting there is a multi-stage journey with a great deal of desperate fighting once things get going.
  • 8 new AI types, from the humorous/annoying “Kite Flier” and “Cowardly” to the monomaniacal “Starship Fanatic” to the aptly named “Brutal”. There’s also “Mime”. Never trust mimes.
  • A new “Encapsulated” map style.
  • 4 new Bonus Ship Types, including the Neinzul Combat Carrier (with Beam Drones, Rail Drones, Spider Drones, and Grav Drones) and the Maw-gone-mad Powerslaver.
  • 2 new AI Guardian types, including the Combat Carrier Guardian (so humans don’t get to have all the ludicrous-drone fun).
  • A new “Preemption” optional AI Plot that lets the AI start taking more direct action against you from the start.
  • 29 more minutes of awesome music from Pablo Vega!
Head over to the links below to learn more.

AI War: Fleet Command 8.0 Trailer
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