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Thursday, July 24, 2014

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After Reset Successfully Kickstarts The Apocalypse
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

An IMG reader recently informed us of a new Kickstarter campaign from Black Cloud Studios. Inspired by classic RPG titles like Fallout, Baldur's Gate, and Planescape Torment, After Reset will drop players into the blasted remains of the United States, more than 100 years after a nuclear apocalypse devastated the land. One element which will distinguish After Reset from earlier post apocalyptic games will be a focus on a more realistic "hard sci-fi" style.

After Reset is based on three pillars of design from the good old days. You can expect:
  • A POST-APOCALYPTIC ATMOSPHERE, developed with a focus on sci-fi realism and more locations to explore than Fallout 1 and 2 combined (for more info, check out our concept arts and screenshots, and watch for updates here on KickStarter).
  • A NONLINEAR STORY, with the freedom to choose between a ton of branches and endings which influence the whole setting - even beyond the game you play.
  • HARDCORE MECHANICS in the best traditions of D&D and SPECIAL, we have created our own system called SACPIC (for more info, check that section of the forum and coming updates), where you will be able to customize every aspect of your character. Of course, you’ll also be able to choose from a list of pre-made ones if you just want to jump in and play!
It’s our future - the golden age of humanity, globalized under the banner of the United Governments. It’s a century of corporations, unbelievable scientific discoveries, and massive overpopulation. That was when we first discovered the strange extraterrestrial objects known as: Artifacts.

No one knows where they came from, or how they got there unnoticed - but none of that mattered after the 12th of May. Those that survived the nuclear fire were blanketed in radioactive ash, forever changing the surface of the Earth - and nearly extinguishing all life.

But… the biblical devastation wrought on that day - was not the end of us. Despite the scale of the tragedy, several million people found refuge in specially equipped underground bases - and over the next century they built an enormous underground metropolis. It is here that the United Government survived.

And so, after more than a hundred years of hiding under the scorched earth, the radioactive wasteland that the Earth had become was finally beginning to heal. It was time. Time to begin the reconstruction of our once great civilization.

Yet, it soon became clear… that the burden of this holy mission had already been taken up by another civilization - one that was born of the flames and chaos of the apocalypse.

Though they lacked the technological marvels that were preserved within the great underground cities of the United Governments, they possessed far greater numbers and better-developed survival instincts. The sudden appearance of the United Governments drove the isolated survivors to unite under the banner of the New Confederacy. Diplomatic efforts… failed. Lines were drawn in the bloodstained sands, each side vying for supremacy over the Yellow Zones.

For the Survivors, it’s a replay of the American Revolutionary War against the British Empire. For the United Governments it’s the Iraq War all over again, threatening to turn into a new Vietnam.

The game takes place 132 years after the apocalypse, which the survivors call the ‘Reset’. Two large areas of North America are still habitable: The Great Desert (Nevada) and The State of Eagle (California).

After Reset was the subject of a previously unsuccessful campaign, but has already mets its new funding goal with quite a bit of time to reach stretch goals before its August 21 conclusion.

Learn more about the game and its focus on hard sci-fi at the links below.

After Reset
After Reset Kickstarter
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