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Monday, July 14, 2014

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Begin Your Quest For Infamy
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Phoenix Online Studios and Infamous Quest recently announced the release of the adventure/RPG hybrid Quest for Infamy. The game features a humorous story with a blend of turn-based combat and puzzle solving adventure elements. Players choose from three unique classes and set forth to explore a world filled with fantasy adventures.

The land of Lonaria is a beautiful place, albeit full of dangers and rogues with nefarious agendas. You play as Roehm, a man on the run from a baron whilst caught in the act of trying to defile his daughter. Heading west, he finds himself in the Valley of Krasna and in the arms of J.S. Rayford, sheriff of the quaint town of Volksville. Seeking to escape further north, Roehm quickly finds out that the bridge is out and hes stuck in town for several days.

Three factions end up vieing for your attention: the brigands led by Kurdt, the rogues led by Ian, and the mysterious sorcerer Prospero. Who do you side with? Will Rayford make you do his dirty work for him? What does the mysterious cult of Taargh want with the Valley? And will your quest for infamy yield fruit? Only by purchasing the game will you find out.

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