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Thursday, July 10, 2014
Luscasfilm Games Retrospective
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

USGamer recently posted a feature on Lucasfilm Games, including commentary from Ron Gilbert, Dave Fox, and Steve Arnold. Based on a GDC postmortem session and a later interview the article covers the creation of Lucasfilm Games, the early "no Star Wars" rule, and some highlights from developing games like Maniac Mansion and Labyrinth.

"In our presentation just now, someone asked a question about the challenges of doing humor in a game when you had a tiny amount of memory. Maniac Mansion was 310K. The entire game. Zak was on two sides of a disk, so it's probably in the same range - maybe 350k. I'm probably really good at Twitter, because we had to do text in 80 characters. Two lines of 40 characters each – that had to be funny. So everything was in shorthand. You couldn’t do much with the graphics, so it all had to be suggested.”

"You couldn't do much with the graphics, so it all had to be suggested. It was like doing a little puppet show. The little guy smiles, you turn this way and that way, and it worked. People maybe used their imaginations more to fill in the parts that were funny. Now you have to be explicit. If the timing is off just a little bit, it can fall flat a lot more. There are movies that are enormously funny that look great. It's just that we had so much less to work with that we had to focus on that part."
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USGamer: Lucasfilm Games Discussion

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