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Monday, March 12, 2001

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Mac DS9: The Fallen to be Gold Soon
12:44 PM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

We spoke to Doug Hare, production VP of The Collective, about the Mac OS version of Simon and Schuster's Star Trek shooter Deep Space Nine: The Fallen. The Collective had previously told us that they were waiting for the Mac OS version of the Miles Sound System to be updated; the MP3-based sound track depends upon this cross-platform sound engine for playback. Unfortunately delays in the development of the Mac version of Miles have held DS9 back, though the game itself is completely finished and has already been tested. Hare gave us an update on the development of the game, and reports that the third-person shooter/adventure title should be complete and in production by the end of this week. Here are the details:

We're waiting on the final-final libraries which we should get today or
tomorrow, then it [Mac Deep Space Nine: The Fallen] goes into final test which should only take a couple of
days and then into manufacture so hopefully it should be on store shelves in
four to six weeks.
This is great news, as the PC version was released back in November, and Mac gamers have been waiting for this one ever since. While Hare does say four to six weeks, this is an unusually long time period for a game to go from "gold" status to stores, and we are suspicious it will show up much sooner than that. After this long of a delay, he can't be blamed for hedging his bets. Check out our interview and screen shots for more details on this game, or our Preview for a firsthand look at the story line and gameplay.

Deep Space 9: The Fallen Movie Trailer
Deep Space 9: The Fallen Screen Shots
Interview: The Collective
Preview: Deep Space 9: The Fallen
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DS9: The Fallen
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