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Thursday, June 19, 2014

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More Questions Answered About The Elder Scrolls Online
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

ZeniMax Online Studios recenlty posted the results of a new "Ask Us Anything" Q&A answering fan questions about the MMO adaptation of Bethesda's Elder Scrolls universe. The developer answered questions on a variety of topics related to The Elder Scrolls Online, including gameplay specific questions, lore questions, and advice on dealing with bots and gold spammers.

What is the reason or meaning behind your Ouroboros aside from portraying "infinity"? I would really like to know how you guys came up with the idea/design and the vision behind it.

Years ago, Matt Firor needed an ESO logo for a presentation he was doing, so he asked me (Mat Weathers, Lead Artist) to quickly put one together. This wasn’t the Ouroborous, mind you, and Matt was very clear that this was not going to be the final game logo. I whipped up a series of drawings and everyone picked one. It was more of an old-school MMO style logo, big and a little cartoony. It worked for the presentation, but it wasn’t the right tone for ESO.

A couple years after that, Matt was kind enough to give me a chance to regain some of my artistic integrity by working on the actual game logo. He wanted a design that was serious, in tone with the Elder Scrolls IP, and evocative of the “three alliances in conflict” theme that is the central element of our game. I created a thumbnail series of logo treatments, and the one that stuck was a metal ring with three animal heads each attacking each other’s tails. It was pretty straightforward after that.

I iterated on that design, making it less like a flat icon and more like an actual piece of metal art. I modeled a version of it in order to make it more realistic—give it more heft, if you will—and handed the concept and model over to our talented Lead Figure Artist Mark Shahan. He took it and did a ZBrush pass on it to give it the age and wear that it needed. It was that nearly-final design that we handed over to the Marketing Team for final iteration based on the direction of Matt Firor, and Jared Carr (our Art Director).

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