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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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Abatron To Bring RTS/FPS Hybrid Action To Macs
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

W3 Studios has announced Abatron, its upcoming sci-fi cross between real time strategy and first person shooter. Planned for launch on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux machines, the Valve Source engine based hybrid gives players the chance to build armies, research new technologies, wage war in dynamic environments, and take first person control of any unit at any time.

Shrapnel and flames pierce and singe your armor; your eyes are blinded by the destruction of your defensive tower. As ground forces are dwindled & slaughtered, you discover new technology enabling long range bombardment.

You decisively spend resources to create new SIEGE, GROUND, and AERIAL units. While your enemy advances on the front lines, your flanking maneuver with starships goes unnoticed. Immediately, you switch to FIRST-PERSON-MODE. Now is the time to bring vengeance and rain death upon your enemy!

Fulfill Your Desires to Conquer the Cosmos:

If you want to expand your empire, settle a debt gladiator style, or fight as a WarMonger to destroy all in your path, the Abatron arena is right for you

Multiple Races to Play:

Get your Freak on! Play as demon-like creatures spawned from the darkest corners of the galaxy. The Haagenti are born and bred for bloody battles.

If Mechs and Marines tickle your fancy, you may choose to play as the Human race. Recruit today and select from the arsonal of weapons at your disposal.


  • Create & Command Large Armies
  • Control any unit in First Person at ANYTIME!
  • Strategically utilize Dynamic Environments
  • Build Defensive Towers & Structures
  • Scavenge & Research New Technologies
  • Get Eaten by Alien Bugs!
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Archives  News  Abatron To Bring RTS/FPS Hybrid Action To Macs