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Monday, May 19, 2014
Telepath Tactics Could Launch Later This Year
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Sinister Design has revealed plans to release the upcoming Telepath Tactics in the fourth quarter of this year or in the first quarter of 2015. The company also unveiled a new trailer to celebrate the release window announcment. Set in the world of the Telepath RPG universe, the turn-based multiplayer tactics game will feature support for up to six players in hotseat mode, a new art style, redesigned UI, and a new combat engine.

Telepath Tactics is a turn-based strategy RPG set in the steampunk universe of Telepath RPG. It features gorgeous pixel art, destructible battlefields, environmental hazards you can shove enemies into, the ability to build bridges and barricades, and a ruleset that adopts best practices from such classic series as Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea.

Play through a Fire Emblem style single player campaign, play matches in 2-to-6 player local multiplayer, or use a robust map editor to build your own battles and campaigns.


Telepath Tactics takes place in an unusual fantasy-steampunk universe. Magic doesn’t exist: instead, there is psionics and steam-powered technology reliant on a volatile, crystalline substance called vibra. Horsemen don’t ride horses: they ride giant, armored praying mantises. There are no elves, no dwarves, no goblins, no dragons: it’s just humans and a few other, entirely original sentient races (such as the shadowlings, creatures that quite literally feed on human suffering).


Emma and Sabrina were nearly too young to remember when their family was forced into slavery in the vibra mines of Kovit. When their father took ill, the sisters were forced to make his quota or face starvation. After a shadowling slaver took pity on them, they escaped, fleeing into the wilderness. They were found and taken in by a tribe of Lissit, reptilian warriors, who raised the sisters as their own.

Now Emma and Sabrina train tirelessly, bent on revenge and the prospect of rescuing their ailing father from bondage. But the years are never kind to a miner, and time grows desperately short. They will need all of their wits–and the help of some unlikely allies–if they are to succeed…


  • Play through a Fire Emblem-style single player campaign with all-new characters in a story of revenge and political intrigue!
  • Build an army with unique characters from 22 different classes, each with its own suite of attacks, stats, and elemental strengths and weaknesses!
  • Destroy walls, freeze water, build bridges and lay explosives, changing the face of the battlefield to your advantage!
  • Capture the high ground to get damage and range bonuses for your ranged attacks!
  • Shove enemies off of cliffs!
  • Fling enemies into environmental hazards like water and lava!
  • Inflict nasty status effects like blindness, burning, weakness and stun!
  • Tired of single player? Play 2-6 player multiplayer matches with randomized item drops, multiple play modes and support for team matches!
  • Confront aggressive enemy AI that reacts to your moves, grabs items, breaks down your barricades, doggedly pursues your most vulnerable characters, and shoves you into the lava every chance it gets!
  • Employ the easy-to-use Telepath Tactics map editor to create your own scenarios; easily mod in new characters, items, attacks, tilesets, destructible objects, and even brand-new single player campaigns!
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