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Friday, March 9, 2001
Interview With Apple's Clent Richardson
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Our very own Michael Phillips recently had the chance to talk with Apple's Clent Richardson, who is the Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations, an extremely important branch within the company that is responsible for bringing the latest and greatest software and hardware products to our platform. What is Developer Relations, and what kind of things do they do to bring games to the Mac platform? Answers to this and more are just a click away. Here's an excerpt:

IMG: In recent years Apple's commitment to gaming has been gaining strength. With more A List Mac game titles than ever before, this support seems to be paying off. Could you discuss Apple's strategy in the Mac games market. How is Apple trying to expand gaming on our platform?

Richardson: Apple recognizes the importance of gaming to the Mac platform, and is constantly striving to ensure the hottest gaming titles are available for Mac users. Apple has had many wins over the last three years with mainstream titles such as Oni, Halo, Madden Football, Quake III Arena and Sims to name just a few.

To clarify, it isn't so much a question of "how is Apple trying to expand gaming on our platform?" It's more a matter of working to make Apple and the Mac platform a high volume consumer solution. As more people come to the Mac platform, the business case for developers increases and becomes dramatically stronger. The stronger the business case becomes, and the better the potential for return on investment, the greater the number of games titles developers will want to produce for the Mac platform.

Read on for more details about Apple and developer relations.

Interview: Clent Richardson of Apple Inc.

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