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Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Paradox Reveals Runemaster Skald
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Paradox Interactive recently released a new dev diary for its upcoming Runemaster role-playing game based on Norse mythology. Players take the role of a champion and must explore procedurally generated maps and complete quests based on the six worlds of Norse myth, with each choice defining their champion. To succeed they will also need to recruit and command troops in tactical combat.

The Skald rely on the magic of their songs to inspire their troops, augment their skills, heal the wounded and strike terror into the heart of the enemy. Their songs are as old as the worlds, their poetry both beautiful and deadly at once. Music so powerful it can enslave the enemy or reinforce the strength of their allies.

The Human Skald wields a bow and is thus vulnerable to close combat. Preferring to hold a defensive position and support its troops from behind, the Human Skald concentrates on augmenting its own troops’ strengths and abilities.

The Darkelf Skald with its crossbow inspires its troops to greater feats, heals them when they are wounded and has a terrifying voice which brings darkness and despair into the enemies' hearts.

The Giant Skald is an ax-throwing defensive hero whose great strength makes them able to throw an ax faster and longer than most can shoot an arrow. A Giant’s terrible strength makes every bow or crossbow crumble in their hands, and so they have resorted to throwing axes instead.

The Lightelf Skald’s greatest strength is their voice, and the songs can enrage the enemy, strengthen their own troops and make the enemy flee in terror. Wielding a bow, the Lightelf Skald supports its troops from behind and holds a defensive position on the battlefield.

Learn more about the Skald hero class in the update linked below.

Runemaster: Skald Hero Details

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