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Friday, March 9, 2001

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Interview with Neverwinter Nights Designer
12:26 PM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Lostuniverse.org has posted a short interview with BioWare's
Aidan Scanlan, one of
the designers of the upcoming, much-anticipated online RPG Neverwinter Nights. The interview
focuses on what is perhaps Neverwinter's most touted feature -- it's editable, user-controlled
world that puts the Dungeon Master back into D&D.

Scanlan confirmed some of the editor's more exciting features, such as the ability
(as Dungeon Master) to have complete control over all non-player characters (NPCs)
and monsters, including the ability to talk through them and interact with any
player-controlled characters or the environment. The entire map is dynamic for the DM, and they have the ability to change the state of the game by locking/unlocking doors, spawning creatures, etc. as adventurers are simultaneously exploring the dungeon.

Another interesting tidbit is the fact that the included solo campaign is being developed
with the actual in-game editor:

[Treborg] How easy will it be for people to create there own modules with there own story, quests etc?

[Scanlan, Aidan] The Neverwinter toolset that will ship with the game is very easy to use. Creating a typical
hack-and-slash adventure will take maybe half an hour or so. However, the tools are in place to make your adventure
as complex and epic as you wish. The official Neverwinter Nights campaign is being created with the same toolset that
will made be available to the public, so anything we can do, you can do, too. I am anticipating some very high quality
adventures to start making their way around the Internet soon after the tools become available.

For the full story, be sure to read the entire interview at lostuniverse.org. Neverwinter Nights is coming to Mac and PC platforms by the end of this year.

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lostuniverse.org - Interview with Designer Aidan Scanlan
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