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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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Franchise Hockey Manager Update Adds New Leagues, Systems
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

OOTP Developments has released version 1.62 for Franchise Hockey Manager. Among other things the major update includes 4 new leagues, revamped training and player development, expanded scouting options, and an optional Blind Mode for those seeking greater challenge.

"This is by far the largest single update to FHM," said producer Jeff Riddolls. "We've replaced some major parts of the game, primarily training and scouting, with new systems that should allow more user input and generate better feedback. Four new leagues have been added, a wide variety of bug fixes and adjustments made, and the game's overall stability improved. Obviously, it's taken quite a while to get all this done, much longer than we've ever taken between patches previously, and we thank our customers for their patience while we worked on it."

He added: "We intend to do one more big patch like this before beginning to work full-time on next year's game. The primary focus of the next one will be the addition of a completely new match engine, with an accompanying tactical interface, to the game."

Version 1.62, a major update to the game that features:

  • Revamped training, scouting, and staff/personnel systems
  • Four new leagues:
    • Swiss Nationaliiga A
    • Asia League Ice Hockey
    • Federal Hockey League (a low level minor league based in the Northeastern US)
    • Suomi-Sarja (a Finnish third level league)
  • Two starts for the current season, one with Opening Night rosters and one with post-trading deadline rosters
  • Many other major changes, including but not limited to:
    • A Blind Mode that disables the ability to directly view attributes
    • Player height and weight that increase with age
    • Improved text for news items
    • The ability for teams to have more than two affiliations, allowing such relationships as ECHL-AHL
  • Dozens of bug fixes and minor adjustments
A More In-Depth Look at the Update:
Roster data has been updated to the NHL trade deadline on March 5 (and there's also still the option to start a game with the actual rosters from last fall, instead of the post-move ones.)

Major Changes:

  • The game's training and player-development mechanics and interface have been overhauled to give the user a little more precise control over what aspects of their players' game to try to improve, and better feedback, via a new training display, about how well their efforts are progressing.  There are also more realistic influences on training success, such as ice time, the quality of competition, coaching staff abilities, and the player's happiness. The way player career arcs develop has also been adjusted, which should lead to more variety and unpredictability in those.  The ability to train players for new positions, both in practice and via game experience, has also been simplified and explained better.
  • Scouting has also undergone a transformation; the user can now target his scouts' assignments with much greater precision and receives regular reports back from them.  The in-game scouting reports are also much more detailed, providing better verbal descriptions of the player to highlight his strengths and weaknesses, hint at ratings that are normally hidden from the user, and compare one player to another.
  • The way the game handles hiring and firing of front office staff, particularly the General Manager and Head Coach positions, has received a number of changes, and should now look much more realistic.
  • We've added four new playable leagues: Swiss Nationalliga A (the top-level Swiss league), Asia League Ice Hockey (the main league in Japan, South Korea, and China, and our first league outside of Europe and North America), the Federal Hockey League (a Northeastern US-based low-level minor league), and the Suomi-Sarja (the Finnish third level).
  • An optional "Blind Mode" has been added that restricts the user's ability to see precise player ratings.  This means they have to be a little more dependent on vaguer information like scouting reports and statistics, which should make the game a little more challenging.
  • Significant improvements have been made in to AI teams' abilities to re-sign their players and improve their rosters.
  • Dozens of other smaller improvements have been made: a toggle for displaying imperial/metic units, a growing NHL salary cap, the display of GM and coach histories, post-season award selection has been improved, and a wide variety of bugs fixed, including those that caused crashes in the offseason, and a problem that was resulting in too many players getting injured.
Learn more about the game and the changes in version 1.62 at the links below.

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