January 30, 2015
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Doom Warrior Threatens To Deliver Savage Arena Based Combat
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Creaky Corpse, developer of the zombie MMO Dead Frontier, has announced Doom Warrior, an arena-based combat title full of "savage barbarians, customisable weapons and armour, and lots of lovely stats to fiddle with." Soon to be in beta testing the final game is planned for release on Windows, Mac, and iOS later this year. As part of the announcement the company also released a Doom Warrior teaser trailer.

Battling against other real-world users around the globe, as well as an array of terrifying boss creatures, victors will be given the ultimate choice: kill or spare their thwarted opponent. Whether you choose to be merciful, or decide to send their head rolling across the battlefield, you’ll find each route has its own unique pros and cons. A bit like in real life.

Doom Warrior’s debut teaser trailer demonstrates the PvP combat of this gladiator-bashing game, which sees players take on the role of savage barbarian warrior, captured from his homeland and forced to fight for the amusement of a paying crowd.

Slaughter your way through an array of vicious opponents while gaining riches, power and glory. Crush your enemies, watch them beg for death and hear the cries of their women!

  • Brutal online arena combat
  • Forge mighty weapons & armour of your own design
  • Randomized loot with billions of potential finds
  • No limit to how powerful you can become
  • Take on gargantuan boss creatures
Creaky Corpse - also known by his human name, Neil Yates - has been making games since the age of 16. His breakthrough hit, Dead Frontier, saw 9 million players battle their way through a zombie apocalypse.
For more information head over to the page linked below.

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