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Divinity: Original Sin Mac Version Still In Progress
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Larian Studios recently posted a new update for its upcoming fantasy RPG Divinity: Original Sin. In addition to more information about the latest updates to the current version of the game Larian also revealed the release date has been pushed back to a more nonspecific "Spring 2014," and confirmed in an accompanying video that work continues on the Mac version of the game.

Character presets:

We've improved character presets and included three new classes: 

Rogue: a thief-like mischief-maker equipped with a dagger and bow, specialised in keeping a low profile both in town and in combat. 

Cleric: a cross between a warrior and a wizard, with enough strength to carry a mace and armour, but enough wisdom to support and heal your party in combat. 

Knight: a two-handed sword wielding brute so invested in strength, (s)he'll need good support and armour to stay energised while hacking a path through the orcish hoards.

The game is, as ever, classless in that you can customise your heroes' abilities however you like; these presets merely provide your starting point.

Head over to the links below to read and watch the latest updates.

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