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Tuesday, March 6, 2001

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Deus Ex MP Update, Spector Q&A
11:39 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Aspyr Media is at it again, giving us a great new update on the status of the multiplayer patch for Deus Ex, as well as talking with Warren Spector, lead designer for the game. It sounds like the multiplayer patch will be ready very soon now, thanks to the hard work of those at Westlake Interactive. Here's more info:

Another quick update, the Deus Ex Multiplayer Patch for Mac should be ready
this week. Mark Adams, President of Westlake Interactive, has been working
non stop on conversion, with the patch having gone Beta yesterday.

The patch will be about 35MB.

Adams notes that there will be a few minor single player changes but
nothing too drastic. "I f you aren't planning to play multiplayer to just
stick with the current version," recommends Adams.

If you're looking for screen shots of multiplayer in action, check out the links below. Beware that screen shots three through five are high resolution and may take a while to download on slower connections. [NOTE: Webmasters, please don't link to the files directly.]

In the quick Q&A, Amy Torres probes Spector for his thoughts on the Mac version of Deus Ex, as well as the possibility of a Mac port of the sequel. Read on for more:

I love Deus Ex! However, I have noticed that I'm beginning to become a
little....paranoid. Do you ever read the news or hear folks talking and
wonder, "Who can I trust?"

WS: Funny about that. I've never been much of a believer in
conspiracies -- I just don't think people are good enough at keeping secrets
to make large scale conspiracies possible. I will say, since mucking about
in the DX universe for the last four years, I find myself looking over my
shoulder a lot more and feeling vaguely paranoid about stuff! Glad to know
I'm not alone...

The Mac release of Deus Ex was, again, near simultaneous, with the PC. We
we're extremely elated that everyone was able to make this possible. Do you
foresee the same happening for the next two games in the trilogy?

WS: Hm, well, where'd you get the idea there was a trilogy in the works?
Who told you that? I need names! Oh, wait, I'm getting paranoid again. Hold
on. Let me start over... Okay, ahem, yes, well... Needless to say, we were
all totally psyched about how great a job Westlake and Aspyr did with the
DX Mac port... As for the next game set in the DX universe, that isn't due
to be out for a while and there's no telling what's going to happen,
platform-wise, in this wacky business. But, having said that, I've always
been a supporter of the Mac market -- gotta give the wintel folks some
competition! -- so it's my hope that the Mac will remain a viable platform.
And it's certainly our plan that all versions of the next DX game, on
whatever platform, would be released as close to simultaneously as

When will the next game be released?

WS: At this point, about all I can say is we're THIS close to starting
production which means we're too far out to say when we'll be shipping. We
don't set ship dates until we hit Alpha. That's a ways off.

You are very good about never giving anything away and I am not trying to
pull a fast one on you but are there any details that you can share at this
time? Characters, locations, anything....

WS: The details of the next DX game are likely to change pretty radically
from our current plan. That's just the nature of game development. All I can
really say is we'll be true to the gameplay philosophy of DX (in that the
game will be about character development, player choice and player
expression). The gameworld will seem both changed and familiar and the cast
will include a bunch of old friends. Oh, and you can expect to see near
future equivalents of a fair number of real world locations. Can't say more
than that just yet.

Another huge thanks to Amy and Aspyr for the great information. We'll keep you posted when the multiplayer patch is finally released.

Deus Ex Multiplayer Screen Shot #3 (394k)
Deus Ex Multiplayer Screen Shot #2 (77k)
Deus Ex Multiplayer Screen Shot #1 (54k)
Westlake Interactive
Deus Ex Multiplayer Screen Shot #4 (438k)
Deus Ex Multiplayer Screen Shot #5 (413k)
Aspyr Media
Ion Storm
Westlake Interactive
Aspyr Media
Deus Ex

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