April 21, 2014
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Help Mac Gamer HQ Choose The 2013 Game Of The Year
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Mac Gamer HQ has kicked off a new reader poll, this time hoping to gather opinions on the best Mac gaming release of 2013. The potential choices from this year's game titles include BioShock Infinite, Sim City, Max Payne 3, and Fez.

Mac Gamer HQ was a little too young last year to go all the way with this but this yearís different. With over 50 000 visitors every month, we can do it right: choose the Best Mac Game of the Year.

Choosing the Mac Game of the Year is more important than you think. Itís not only about ďrankingĒ the games we got to play this year. Itís about recognizing the great work made by the few companies that fully support the Mac platform.

Unfortunately, a huge part of the gaming community (developers and press alike) donít give Mac platform the justice it deserves. Thatís why itís up to us, Mac gamers, to make a big deal about this and celebrate the fact we got a ton of great games this year! †I keep saying we have to create a strong Mac gaming community and what better way than to vote in huge numbers and show the world we are serious?

Head over to the page below to read more and offer your opinion.

Mac Gamer HQ: Choose 2013 Mac Game Of The Year
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