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Monday, November 4, 2013

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SteamTRAIN 4.3.2 Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Nostalgic Software has announced the release of SteamTRAIN 4.3.2. The latest incarnation of the 1800's era steam train simulation puts players in the roles of engineer and crew.

More about SteamTRAIN:

Your train will travel between stations, up and down grades, negotiate curves, switch tracks, and couple/uncouple cars. Controls include the throttle, boiler pressure, traction sand, air brakes, manual couplers, and track switches. A mixed-weather option includes clear skies, rain, or snow plus day/night -- all in one run.  Spectacular crashes possible with full recovery.  The Setup Mode allows learning, creative challenges and experiments.

MailTrain Mode offers new speed/schedule challenges.  Starting from the east or west terminal, your job is to pickup and deliver mail and newspapers to all stations along the route.  Your schedule is based on pre-chosen degrees of difficulty: number of cars, weather, steepness of slopes, speed of other trains, consumables, etc.  Phantom Express trains appear and vanish several times during a run.  High scores are maintained for local competition.

Dispatcher Mode offers hours of real train operation challenges.  At one terminal, you select locomotive(s) from the roundhouse using the turntable.  Then assemble the marked cars into a passenger, freight or mixed train. Travel to opposite terminal picking up and dropping off cars along the way to attain a score.  Several options add difficulty such as steep grades, mixed weather, plus number and types of cars.  An opposing Robo train launches from the opposite terminal. High scores and settings can be saved.

To download a Mac or PC demo of SteamTRAIN 4.3.2, go to the web site NostWare.com.  Help and Controls files are now available in English on the title window or as separate downloads for possible translation.
Purchase ST 4.3.2 for $12 or as a Free Upgrade for any ST 4.x customers.

For more information about SteamTRAIN head over to the link listed below.

Nostalgic Software

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Archives  News  SteamTRAIN 4.3.2 Released