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Wednesday, October 30, 2013
New Update For RPG Playground
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Koonsolo has revealed a new update for its in-development title, RPG Playground. The upcoming web RPG with an in-game level editor will give users a chance to create their own online world, populate it with monsters, items, and quests, and then invite their friends to play.

The new version for RPG Playground is finally here. This one took a long time to finish, I blame it on the nice weather during the summer. (So good news, the summer is gone!). This release adds the following new features:
  1. Set NPC orientation.
  2. Rescale your levels.
  3. Buttons have mouse-over highlight.
  4. Buttons are greyed out when disabled.
So now everything is ready to start implementing the Talk to NPCís feature! I donít know about you, but Iím pretty excited about that. And when thatís finished, fighting with monsters is next on my list. Yes, it seems that RPG Playground is finally going to allow you to create an actual game (limited game, but still a game).

About RPG Playground:
RPG Playground is a new game by Koonsolo. It's currently very early in development, but you can already play with it.
With RPG Playground you can create your own online RPG Worlds. It's basically a web RPG with ingame level editor.
It's is far from finished, but the following should be possible in the final version:

  • Create your own online RPG World
  • Invite friends to play your RPG
  • Add trees, houses, roads, rivers, etc.
  • Add monsters and fight with them
  • Create items and quests
  • Add NPC's with conversation trees
  • Play on Windows, Mac, Linux and tablets
Everything is currently freely available, but at some point we might ask for a subscription fee. But we'll see once we get that far.
Learn more about the link below.

Koonsolo Games
RPG Playground

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