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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

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Control Command Escape Reviews Bionic Dues
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Control Command Escape has posted a new review of Bionic Dues from Arcen Games. Set to launch today, the tactical turn-based roguelite (with mech customization) puts players in charge of ending a robot rebellion.

I found Arcenís A.I. War Fleet Command†to be something special. Itís a very complicated game, and if you squint at it from a distance you could mistake it for Pong. Thereís no question in my mind that it was a brilliant strategy game, but there was also no question it was what can only be described as ďhardcoreĒ. Despite being packed full of interesting stuff, the interface is clunky and it takes a long time to figure out even what the game is, let alone how to play it. In short, itís not inviting.

Bionic Dues is, superficially, a very different game, but it shares the same heart as A.I. War. The purpose of both games is to try and acquire the necessary resources to prevent an impending confrontation with a robot enemy. In both games this means completing various objectives that both increase your abilities, and those that impede your enemyís progress. In Bionic Dues this overarching objective is apparent the whole time you play. On the campaign screen, your current squad is on the left, and (a fraction of) your opponentís doomsday army is on the right. Missions you select on the map are either based around getting resources to directly improve your army (such as in the form of parts that your Exos can equip, or even improved Exo designs), or in sabotaging your opponentís progress in some way (eliminating a boss or reducing the AIís manufacturing capabilities). What makes the two games different from each other are two major design choices: Bionic Dues is turn-based, and that your small army gets more powerful as you progress, rather than more numerous.

Check out the full review at the link below.

Control Command Escape: Bionic Dues Review
Bionic Dues
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