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Monday, September 30, 2013
EVE Online: Rubicon Arriving November 19
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

CCP Games has annouced EVE Online's 20th free expansion, EVE Online: Rubicon, will be released November 19th, 2013. Among other things the new additions will include ship rebalancing, personal deployable structures, and support for guerrila style warfare. The expansion is the first step in CCP's plans to give players more control over the EVE universe.

Welcome to EVE Online: Rubicon
    The pilots of EVE have grown bold, defying the Empires that once created them. Is it dissent? Subversion? Or is it the beginning of a new age, where the immortal elite of a universe take their first steps toward truly claiming the heavens as their own?
    Break Free from the Empires
      Control Hi-Sec Customs Offices - The power to tax the flow of resources harvested from planets in high security space has been wrested from the Empires and is now under Capsuleer control.

      Deploy Mobile Structures - Reduce your reliance on Empire facilities. Transport and deploy temporary, player-owned, mobile structures to support your industrial operations and wartime efforts.

    Reach Beyond Their Grasp
      Sisters of EVE Faction Ships - Branching out their efforts to aid the immortal pilots, the Sisters of EVE have added shipbuilding to their portfolio, introducing a line of new ships designed to support extended, discreet travel in hostile areas of deep space.

      Ship Re-balancing - Evolving ships to keep them competitive in a progressing universe is an ongoing process. Interceptor, Interdictor, and Marauder class hulls head back to the shipyards for re-engineering, among other balancing changes.

    Control Your Destiny
      Guerilla-style Warfare Support - Tactics to chip away at the behemoths have surfaced, allowing small fleets of mercenaries, saboteurs and troublemakers to become cause for concern for even the most reinforced of alliance strongholds.

      Interbus Ship Identification System - A long and treacherous path lies ahead, and Interbus is here to help pilots, new and seasoned, plan the ships and skills they will need with an intuitive guide and a redesign of the EVE certificate system.

Rubicon - towards the future of EVE Online
    As we take the next steps on our journey with EVE Online, we will continue to create an amazing, demanding game experience that challenges intelligent people to master what the universe offers. But now we are also questioning old truths and the rules that govern the New Eden universe, and we are doing it in line with the vision we presented at Fanfest 2013 in Reykjavik. That vision is about giving players, in the form of their immortal capsuleer representations, more power over this universe than ever before. This journey starts with EVE Online: Rubicon, and will unfold over the next several expansions to EVE Online.
Check out the site below for more information about Rubicon.

CCP Games
EVE Online
EVE Online: Rubicon

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