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Monday, September 16, 2013

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Nibelungen Saga Seeking Kickstarter Funding
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

The Games Foundation has announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to raise $60,000 for their upcoming action adventure game, Nibelungen Saga. Planned for release on Mac and Windows PCs, and eventually mobile devices and consoles, the action game follows the ancient Northern European saga. Players will take the role of Sigvard, a young warrior who must fight to save a queen threatened by the evil Fafnir.

As the name implies, the game’s storyline closely follows the Nibelungen saga, an ancient tale from Northern Europe. In the game, the player gets to relive the adventures of Sigvard, a young warrior who must fight to aid a young queen in peril. Her realm is threatened by Fafnir, an evil creature from the swamplands that is ravaging the lands of the Nibelungen tribe and brutally decimating her people. To stand a chance against this powerful enemy, Sigvard must find and salvage the sword Gram, a magical weapon that once belonged to his father. Also of significance is the Andvaranaut, a ring forged by dwarves that has shape-shifting and invisibility powers. The hero’s journey across the wilderness of the Northlands will be a long and dangerous one.

Over the centuries the Nibelungen saga has inspired many books, operas, graphic novels and other works of art. Artists like Richard Wagner and J.R.R. Tolkien used parts of it for their own works. This powerful legend is now retold in the form of an interactive game that aims to be as true as possible to the original source material it is based on, as well as the historical and cultural background of the epoch. The game allows the player to explore a wide range of environments set in Viking-age Scandinavia and Germany. Monsters, characters and locations in the game are rooted in Norse mythology, with the strict avoidance of clichéd “generic” fantasy creatures that would not match the game’s unique setting.

“Nibelungen Saga is an important piece of our cultural heritage, a remnant of a time long gone. It has been passed on to us from our ancestors, and we want to pass it on to future generations”, said the producer of the game, Gustaf Stechmann.“What better way is there for our generation to preserve and honor this ancient heritage, than to bring it back to life in the form of a top-notch digital game?”

Gameplay focusses on action-heavy sword combat. The player maintains a high degree of control over the moves of his game character, carrying out combat moves that are based on actual medieval sword-fencing techniques. The game developers are working closely with masters of the martial arts to create a true-to-life sword fencing experience, and are using motion capture technology for lifelike and dynamic animations. The game also features advanced physics and object tessellation technology that enables interactive and fully destructible environments. It also provides the ability to dissect limbs off enemies and monsters, and literally cut them to pieces.

The Nibelungen Saga Kickstarter campaign continues until November 8. Check out the sites below for more information.

Nibelungen Saga Kickstarter
Nibelungen Saga Website
The Games Foundation

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