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Combat Mission BFN: Market Garden - Master Maps Detailed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Battlefront.com has revealed new details about the upcoming Combat Mission Battle for Normandy: Market Garden, an expansion for the WWII ground warfare tactical simulator. The newly released information offers specifics about player accessible master maps, giving scenario designers access to historically accurate 3D maps of some World War II battlefields.

In Market Garden players will get the chance to recreate the failed Allied attempt to cross the Rhine and enter Germany in 1944. The expansion will feature two new campaigns, new bridges, new map tools, new scenarios, master maps, new units, and new equipment.

The introduction of the map editor overlay made it possible for designers to make much more accurate maps, based on their real counterparts. However making those maps with all the details they require is still a job that requires patience, skill, attention to detail and of course quite a bit of time.

Master maps have been used before internally to ensure consistency in all battles fought in the same area. What is new this time around is that we are providing the player with those clean master maps so he can go straight to making his own scenarios skipping all the research and time that making them would demand.

Most players will want to cut an area of these maps to use in their own scenarios rather than use it in full. If a bridge needs to be cut a half bridge can be used in its place.

Another interesting facet of the inclusion of master maps is that having an accurate 3d battlefield to explore leads to a dramatically improved understanding of the battles fought in those areas. It is far easier to understand the distances involved and the problems both sides faced as they fought it out in the Arnhem area when you can look at a working 3D model of the battlefield.

Players can take advantage of this by loading them in the editor and moving around in 3D view.

Master Maps!

The 7 "master maps" are huge maps, historically accurate, detailed and thoroughly researched, depicting the main areas around the bridges where most of the fighting happened:

  • Oosterbeek
  • Johana Hoeve
  • Arnhem Road Bridge
  • Oosterhout ( north of Nijmegen)
  • Nijmegen
  • West Nijmegen
  • Elst
These master maps will help scenario designers in creating their own scenarios without the burden of having to create the maps from scratch. The maps can be cut to encompass smaller areas for individual battles.
Combat Mission Battle for Normandy: Market Garden can be pre-ordered now for $35 plus S&H. Battlefront.com plans to ship the module in 4-6 weeks.

CMBFN: Market Garden Master Maps
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