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Friday, September 6, 2013
XCOM: Enemy Within Previewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Kotaku recently posted a new preview of 2K and Firaxis' upcoming XCOM: Enemy Within, an expansion for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Coming to Macs courtesy of Feral Interactive the game is scheduled to release on November 12 in North America, and November 15 internationally. Enemy Within adds a variety of new abilities, upgrades, weapons, maps, tactical and strategic gameplay, and multiplayer content to XCOM.

From the preview:

Gene-mod soldiers, for whom some talents are innate, use their perks a little more subtly. In a few cases Gupta had to point out how these mods, available to all classes, build upon class-specific perks and traits to help me turn the tide in my favor. For example, super-legs on a gene-mod sniper will get a lot of attention—they can propel him to the roof of a building without any climbing access—but do not overlook the "mimetic skin"—a fancy phrase for invisibility. There's a specific way to use it.

For example, a sniper with mimetic skin who remains in full cover for one turn goes invisible, and remains cloaked if he moves to full cover (reasoning: there has to be something for his chameleon skin to mimic). He's revealed only when taking a shot or moving into partial (or no) cover. Firing from a cloaked position delivers an enormous crit bonus, and this advantage is one way to keep you from parking a sniper atop an elevated position where cover, if it exists, is usually partial. (The new "Seeker" enemy also is meant to discourage camping with a squad-sighted sniper, but I did not see that enemy in my playthrough as Firaxis had yet to announce it.)

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Kotaku: XCOM Enemy Within Preview
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