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Wednesday, February 28, 2001
Quake 3 1.27h Released, AltiVec Version Due Soon
12:45 PM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

The man we've been watching for the past several weeks, Graeme Devine, updated his plan today with news that he is releasing a non-debug version of Quake 3 1.27h. This version incorporates all of the bug fixes and additions in the PC patch, as well as optimizations for the PowerPC chip. Graeme talks about the latest happenings in the offices of id Software and what has been keeping him busy. Here is his .plan update:


I've been a bit preoccupied with the Tokyo keynote demo this last month. But I have made a new Classic build today.

I love how iDisk is integrated into OS X!!

What's done. This is using the new Metrowerks compiler which seems excellent. It should run as well as or better than previous builds.

What's not done. The sound code is still taking up more CPU time than it should, this is a Quake code issue I'll resolve quickly.

What's not there. The altivec enhanced version and the OS X build. I've not had time yet to build those and update them. The OS X work done for the keynote address demo in Tokyo pulls directly across to the OS X Q3A build, so it should be very straightforward.

Given the beta hardware, daily builds of OS X, hourly patch dumps for the GF3 OpenGL driver, and content/code changes from id, the keynote build ran exceptionally well. We did not have time to completely optimize for PPC or OS X, as I understand more and more about PPC and Altivec programming, I'm seeing more and more opportunities.

This is very interesting news, as it seems that id, NVIDIA, and Apple are working closely together to insure compatibility between MacOS X, the new DOOM engine, and the GeForce 3. Also, it seems that Graeme was very busy preparing the DOOM demo for MacWorld Tokyo. IMG will have tests and analysis of this new version of Quake 3 shortly.

Download Q3A 1.27h Final
Graeme Devine's .plan Update

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Archives  News  Quake 3 1.27h Released, AltiVec Version Due Soon