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Friday, August 23, 2013

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CCE Reviews Teleglitch: Die More Edition
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Control Command Escape has posted a new review of Paradox Interactive's Teleglitch: Die More Edition. Teleglitch, a roguelike top-down shooter that traps players in a military research station in the middle of a catastrophe, features procedurally generated levels, craftable and combinable weapons, and the constant risk of permanent death.

Turn-based games have the luxury of letting the player dictate the pace of doing things, as in, now Iíll do a bunch of combat, now Iíll optimise my loadout, now Iíll craft some stuff. Teleglitch doesnít give you a respite. You can find a quiet spot and take a bit of a breather and craft or reorganise your stuff or maybe check the wonderful in-game map (at least until the third level, when patrolling enemies ruin even that bit of downtime), but ultimately youíre just going through the process of: Open door. Move. Open door. Move. Open door. MoĖARGHwhatTheHellIsThat MOVEMOVESTABSTABEXPLODESELFdead. But this leads me on to the single redeeming feature of the game: the atmosphere.

If youíre going to love this game, itís because the atmosphere is so compelling. How it manages to do this in spite of the atrocious graphical style is incredible in and of itself, but Iíd suggest that primarily itís down the distinctive line-of-sight mechanic, where the map utterly disappears when your character canít see it, lending a sense of immediacy to everything, and that the sound design is as good as the visual design is bad. The inclusion of lore snippets secreted throughout the game, and the fact that thereís no real exposition thrust upon you despite being in such an alien environment, no doubt all contribute to this.

For the full review check out the link below.

Control Command Escape: Teleglitch Review
Teleglitch: Die More Edition
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