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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

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Control Command Escape Reviews Tropico 4 Gold
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Control Command Escape has posted a new review of Feral Interactive's Tropico 4: Gold Edition. Developed by Haemimont Games and published by Kalypso Media for Windows and Xbox 360, Tropico 4: Gold Edition is the latest installment of the Tropico series to be launched on the Mac by Feral Interactive and follows Tropico 3: Gold Edition.

You are El Presidente (you can select from a bunch of different dictator avatars, each with different bonuses, though some seem innately more useful than others) and in the course of each of the 20 campaign missions (with a further 8 in the included Modern Times) you must grow a sprawling metropolis of commerce, industry, and tourism from next to nothing, using the great number of tools at your disposal.

At the most basic level, you have farms that produce a specific type of crop. These are used to feed your populous (aside from farms that produce tobacco, for instance), but any surplus can be exported to increase your treasury. As you progress, you’ll have ever-increasing options for producing goods to sell (as well as other ways to feed your citizens), the most valuable of which are created by chaining different industries together, such as having a salt mine, a fishery, and a cannery, allowing you to export canned fish (just having the requisite buildings seems to be all you need to do, there’s no way to actually ensure that resources get used for a particular purpose, which cuts down on the micromanagement, but does mean that it’s anyone’s guess as to how a production line will actually run). You also have the option of importing goods you require for production, though in most cases it’s usually possible to build factories that use resources you already produce. Every once in a while a freighter will dock at your port and whisk away goods for export, and your treasury balance will increase. Everything else is about logistics and managing the society.

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Control Command Escape: Tropico 4 Gold Edition Review
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