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Tuesday, August 6, 2013
Out Of The Park Baseball 14 Update, New Interview
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Out of the Park Developments has announced the release of an update for Out of the Park Baseball 14. Version 14.3.23 offers a variety of new features and improvements for the baseball management sim. Out of the Park Baseball 14 features 2013 major league rosters, a completely recoded player origin system, new fielding ratings development system, better player development tracking, and an expanded real-time simulation experience.

"Our commitment is to not only bolster our lineup of great features every year but to also steadily improve the game during the baseball season," said OOTP 14 lead designer Markus Heinsohn. "We always listen to our fans, and many of the new features in this update are ones that they've requested."

New features and other improvements in OOTP 14.4.23 include:

  • Added the option to display the last 5 games log in the player profile screen stats section
  • In historical leagues, the real stats of the current year are also displayed in the player profile screen stats section
  • The game log in the player screen now has the order reversed, with most recent games at the top
  • Added "Release all coaches / scouts" and "Fill teams with fictional coaches / scouts" function to league setup
  • Added contract option type to player salary team report
  • Added team records to box score header
  • Added "Hit by Pitch" to box scores in the batting summary
  • Improved 40-man roster AI
  • More aggressive free agent signing AI
  • Improved play-by-play commentary
  • Improved simulation speed
  • Players on irrevocable waivers may no longer be traded (does not apply to online leagues)
  • Users can now turn multiple retired players into coaches via the mass-select function
  • Online league file upload via "automator" will no longer save database two times
  • If online league file routine cannot create target folder for league file it will use the import_export folder
  • Fixed issues with the online league quickstart feature
  • The "Player of the Week" award is now based on stats complied from Monday through Sunday instead of Sunday through Saturday. Also, pitchers have a higher chance of winning it now.
  • Users can now set the scouting & player development budgets during the offseason as well, which allows more financial flexibility during the free agent signing process.
  • Multiple other bug fixes & AI improvements
In addition to announcing the update OOTPD's Brad Cook also unveiled a new interview with Civilization V lead designer Jon Shafer. The veteran game developer discussed his experiences with the Out of the Park Baseball series.
"The great thing about sports is that you never really know what's going to happen," remarks Civilization V lead designer Jon Shafer, who is now the CEO of Conifer Games. "Your ace pitcher could go down just before the playoffs, or a scrub you thought had no chance of making it could blossom into a star. I love this unpredictability and possibility for crushing defeats, as most entertainment today is designed to end with a happy ending. In my opinion, an experience isn't truly rewarding unless there's the possibility of failure."

In Shafer's case, he learned a lot about what famed designer Will Wright calls "exploring the failure states" after taking over a club in the fictional New City Baseball League (NCBL), which runs on Out of the Park Baseball, in December 2011. He recalls: "The team I took over was a cellar-dweller, and after spending around 10 hours a week wheeling and dealing, watching for players to pick up off waivers, etc., I was successful in completing its transformation into an elite contender just this past season. So now I have to keep playing, just to see if I can win a ring or two!"

Shafer adds: "My own unhealthy habits aside, I'm a huge fan of deep, complex experiences. Whether movies, books or games I always lean towards the meaty stuff that will keep you occupied for a while. OOTP is great because it scratches that itch while giving me something I can constantly tinker with."

Learn more about the update and read the rest of the interview at the links below.

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