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Tuesday, February 27, 2001
No OS X or Carbon CVGS?
8:54 AM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

We contacted Connectix, maker of Connectix Virtual Game Station, the Playstation emulator for Mac OS, to inquire if they had any plans for Carbonizing or perhaps even rewriting this emulator for Cocoa. The reply wasn't what we expected, unfortunately; they do not have any plans to bring a carbonized or Cocoa version in the near future. This might of course change once OS X has shipped in sufficient quantities to justify the cost of Carbonizing VGS.

Here is Connectix's reply:

Connectix does not currently have any plans to bring Connectix Virtual Game
Station to OS X or to make a carbon version.
CVGS has had a notorious existence on the Mac platform, dogged by Sony lawyers and on-again, off-again availability. While their legal challenges are behind them, perhaps Connectix has seen fit to move on towards more promising projects, such as an Mac OS X native version of Virtual PC.

If you are an emulator fan then be sure to check out Mac EmuScene, a site dedicated to emulators of all kinds.

IMG Connectix Virtual Game Station review
CVGS 1.4.1 updater at MacGameFiles
Mac Emuscene
CVGS demo at MacGameFiles

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