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Monday, July 15, 2013

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Guns Of Icarus Online Update Adds Advanced Attack Ship
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Muse Games has released a new update for its post apocalyptic airship combat game, Guns of Icaurs Online. Among other things version 1.3 includes a new advanced attack ship: The Mobula, as well as a new weapon class and gun: the Phobos Mine Launcher. The co-operative airship combat game mixes together first-person shooter action with team-based strategy.

While work continues on Adventure Mode the Guns of Icarus Online Team is still rolling out free content updates to the existing Skirmish Mode as promised. Update 1.3 contains a new advanced attack ship named The Mobula, a new weapon class and gun, Phobos Mine Launcher, the ability to form parties and pre-form your crew before entering a match, new costumes, UI improvements, balance changes, and more.
The Mobula puts the most possible firepower in one direction, with 5 front facing guns and nothing anywhere else. Due to the layout of the ship repairs will be difficult while in mid-combat, making the Mobula one of the highest risk and reward ship to fly. Meanwhile, the Phobos Mine Launcher will add a new level of depth to play. Up to 5 mines can be shot into the sky, deploying after 3 seconds with a balloon. Any ship passing nearby will have it detonated for massive damage… and yes, the balloon can be shot causing the mine to fall onto a hapless victim. Beware though, these mines can't tell friend from foe.
In addition to these two gameplay changing additions, new progression achievements were added, as well as costumes, bundles, and a new UI. More important to most players is the addition of pre-formed crews and parties, allowing players to create a crew and join a match as a unit. The in-game manual was improved as was the gunner tutorial for new players, and last but not least, clan tags were added for the benefit of our veteran players.
Guns of Icarus Online is the premier airship combat game where up to 4 players man a single ship in their attempt to coordinate with their team to bring down the enemies in a variety of game modes. Adventure Mode expands on this format, creating a living online world with true player, town, and meta progression.
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Archives  News  Guns Of Icarus Online Update Adds Advanced Attack Ship