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Monday, February 26, 2001
Spiderweb Releases New Geneforge Details
10:39 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Early in January IMG reported that Spiderweb Software was working on Geneforge, an original fantasy RPG which will take a different approach than their traditional, classic RPGs of the past. Now Spiderweb has updated their web site with details and a few early-alpha screen shots from this title, which is due late this year. With a completely open storyline and the ability to literally "forge" your own army, this one is sure to be another Spiderweb hit. Here is an excerpt:

You are a Shaper. You are a member of the most powerful and secretive of the magical guilds, with the power to create life and mold it to serve your own needs. For millenia, everyone feared and respected the Shapers above all others. Their creations could go everywhere, do anything, all according to the wishes of the Shapers, and no others.

If you need a servant, you have but to create it, and it will gladly die for you.

But now your secrets are at risk. Someone dares to try to steal the power of the Shapers and take them for his own. He has committed the ultimate crime. He has captured you, and he will do anything to get you to surrender their secrets.

He would use the power of the Shapers to remake the world. The question is a simple one. Will you fight him? Or join him?

Geneforge is an upcoming fantasy role-playing game for Macintosh and Windows. It features beautiful 16-bit graphics, fully animated characters, a fascinating and unusual game system, and the ability to create your own army of lethal, totally obedient creatures. Geneforge will also have a fascinating and open storyline, in which you have the freedom to choose your path and decide how the story will turn out.

Another title to look forward to. Visit the Spiderweb web site for more details and images, and be sure to check out their fine selection of RPGs if you haven't already done so.

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Spiderweb Software
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