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Monday, February 26, 2001
Exclusive: Pangea Announces Otto Matic
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Pangea Software, the authors of such hit titles as Bugdom, Cro-Mag Rally, and Nanosaur have announced their next project in the works, action/adventure game Otto Matic. Scheduled for release by December of this year, this title will feature all of the 3D flash and fun gameplay that Pangea is known for, and will of course be designed, developed and published on the Mac OS.

Brian Greenstone of Pangea Software gave us a brief interview to talk about his latest game:

IMG: Can you describe your new game for us and how you came up with the idea?

BG: Otto Matic is a character based action adventure game where you play a robot named Otto Matic. You travel from planet to planet battling aliens and other creatures while trying to prevent the humans from being abducted. We had known for a long time that we wanted to make the next game a space-based game, but it took a long time before this design got solidified. Originally, we were thinking about doing Bugdom 2 which was going to be bugs in space, but since I really hate the idea of doing sequels, we got to work coming up with a different and unique space game concept. The idea of doing a space game that was something of an homage to 1950's B-movies came up, and that's what sparked the genesis of the game as it is today. Otto Matic is no longer an homage to b-movies, but it does take many gameplay and stylistic cues from them. I don't want to give too much away at this point, but suffice to say that if you can think of a 1950's sci-fi b-movie, we've probably incorporated some element of it into our design.

IMG: Will Otto Matic use the same graphics engine you used for Cro-Mag Rally? If so, what enhancements have you made to the engine?

BG: This game uses a mix of Bugdom and Cro-Mag Rally's engines, but it also has some massive enhancements for many of the special effects. For example, we've added a terrain deformation engine which is used to do all sorts of effects on the terrain. We use this when a meteor hits the planet - it sends out a shockwave across the terrain which actually ripples it. There is also a new lighting and texturing engine so the models now have multi-texturing for really cool reflection and specular maps. This gives the game a very surreal look - hard to explain without seeing it.

IMG: What's your time frame for shipping Otto Matic?

BG: We expect to be done in December. It should ship shortly after that. This game is pretty complex in terms of the art and the gameplay, so we're spending more time with it than we did with the last three games. And since we knew there was no way to get it done in time for Christmas, we decided not to rush it. This game should be the crown jewel of the Pangea Software lineup, so we want to really tune it.

IMG: Will Otto Matic have OS X support?

BG: Absolutely! All of our games from here-on out will be OS X native. They will also run on OS 9 as well.

IMG: What will the system requirements be like? Similar to Cro-Mag Rally?

BG: Since Otto Matic is totally loaded with cutting edge special effects, it requires at least a Rage 128 3D card, since none of the earlier ones support all of the effects that we are doing. The machine speed will probably require 333mhz, and 96MB of RAM.

IMG: Are you going to have network/Internet play?

BG: Nope, we decided it made more sense to spend all of our time focusing on making the main game as cool as we could, and we didn't want to get distracted by network modes like we did with Cro-Mag Rally.
Although there are no screen shots of Otto Matic yet, Greenstone promises to reveal more of Otto Matic in the coming weeks. In the meantime, Pangea let us have a QuickTime movie of the main character, Otto, for your viewing enjoyment. [ed note: the movie is actually a Quickdraw 3D 3DMF model, and will require QD3D to display properly.]

Stay tuned to IMG for more news on Otto Matic!

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