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Leviathan: Warships Jazzes Things Up With New Update
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Paradox Interactive has announced the release of a new update for its tactical action game, Leviathan: Warships, and has unveiled a "jazzy trailer" to celebrate. The game, which challenges players to assemble customized fleets of warships and weaponry, features cross-platform gameplay across all supported platforms. Leviathan ncludes a full co-op campaign and several player-vs.-player maps ready to put fleets to the test.

In response to popular demand (not that we’re slaves to what’s popular; just doin’ what feels right, you know how it is), today’s update brings the sound of a new jazz music soundtrack to the game, along with the silky-smooth vocal gifts of Jazz Boatman, narrator of Leviathan’s hit trailers, as a new in-game announcer. To feel these features flowing through your game, all you gotta do is hit the Big Red Jazz Button. That’s right, friends – our game’s got a Big Red Jazz Button. Hey, don’t be jealous, we can share.

Check out what to expect from the Jazz Boatman Update, and get some insight into the mind of its now maybe too-internet-famous narrator, in the new trailer.

It’s not all tuning and crooning, you know; the update has some of those careful gameplay balances we know you dig on. There’s a hull of a lot of changes to weapon damage and function, and yes – those changes are all part of the game cannon now. We even put the most effects in our post effects, ‘cause there’s always room for bloom.

Check out the links below to learn more.

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