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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

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Xenonauts: Improving Upon A Strategy Classic
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

Strategy Informer has posted a new preview of Goldhawk Interactive's upcoming X-Com: UFO Defense inspired Xenonauts. The game will challenge players to fend off alien invasion by building bases, recruiting soldiers, researching new technology, and facing off against alien invaders in the sky and on the ground.

Itís the Ground Combat that simultaneously seems closest to the original and yet, if you play the original now, is clearly a loving update of it too. All the options of UFO Defense have been implemented, yet the interface has been uncluttered. Where Enemy Unknown removed or simplified features Xenonauts instead improves them, yet the basics remain the same. Spread your team out of the Skyranger, keep to cover, watch the shadows, donít rush, and pray you get to the aliens before itís their turn. Itís in the mechanics where things differ.

Every action takes Action Points, and while Enemy Unknown basically did away with them Xenonauts returns them. Moving, shooting, even crouching or changing weapons take up AP so you have to really think about every action. Thereís no point rushing up to an alien if youíre left with no points to shoot him with, so next turn that soldierís dead. If you want to do Overwatch, those reflex shots done in your opponentís turn, you better make sure your soldier has some points to spare at the end of your turn. The game even gives you the opportunity to reserve points for just this reason, which is a rather cool addition. Select weapon and right click a few times and you choose to improve aim at the cost of more AP, which was in the original but done better here Ė a line that sums up Xenonauts pretty well.

Check out the preview at the link below.

Strategy Informer: Xenonauts Preview

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Archives  News  Xenonauts: Improving Upon A Strategy Classic