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Monday, February 26, 2001

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Quake 3 Map Editing on a Mac?
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A helpful forum post pointed us to an update on the Mac Map Editor Project site, hosted by PlanetQuake. In their post, they excitedly note Q3Map on MacOS has been given an initial release. This is a port of the open-sourced Q3Map for Windows, and it works together with Scott Kevill's Quake 1 editor, Quiver, to create maps for Quake 3.

Mac users have long cried out for any utility to allow them to get in on the creative process of making maps and mods for Quake 3 Arena, but this is the first tool that will allow Mac users to convert Quiver creations to Q3A maps. Graeme Devine of id Software has said in the past that he's working on an official version of Q3Radient (the official Q3A map editor for the PC) for Mac OS X, however nothing has yet been released.

Though Quiver does not allow certain types of geometry that the Q3A engine can support, such as curved surfaces, this user-friendly tool will give Mac Q3A authors a healthy start. A simplified version of this process follows:

  • Export your Quiver level as a .map file.
  • Use the included mapTextureEdit program to substitute with new Quake 3 textures
  • Use Q3Map to convert your map
  • Compress it into a ZIP file and run from within Quake 3
  • A later post at MMEP notes that there are problems running the program on some machines right now. But the Mac Q3Map authors do say this is a very early version, and they hope to keep improving it in the future. If you're feeling brave and wanting to convert your Q1 maps, download this tool and then head to MMEP for tips and tricks.

    Download Mac Q3Map Initial Release
    Quiver Web Site
    Official Q3Map for MacOS Web Site
    Macintosh Map Editor Project
    id Software
    Quake III Arena

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