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Friday, February 23, 2001

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Baldur's Gate Multiplayer Status Check
8:24 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

GraphSim has updated their site with new word on the multiplayer patch for the popular RPG Baldur's Gate. They note testing is going well, and it should be completed soon. The expansion pack for the game, Tales of the Sword Coast, is also doing well, ready to enter testing once the multiplayer patch is finished. Here's the full scoop from GraphSim:

We are presently testing a new version of the Baldur's Gate Multiplayer update. Game play seems stable but testing will continue a few more days to be sure. If all goes well, beta testing will begin soon.

Tales of the Sword Coast is coming along nicely. As soon as the multiplayer update for Baldur's Gate is finished, beta testing for Tales of the Sword Coast will begin.

Good news for fans of this very deep role-playing game. Once it's completed, the multiplayer patch will be a free download for owners of Baldur's Gate. Also be sure to check out IMG's affiliate site, MacBaldur, which is an excellent resource if you're having any issues with the title.

GraphSim Web Site
Mac Baldur Web Site
Baldur's Gate

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