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Thursday, April 18, 2013

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Drox Operative Mod SDK Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Soldak Entertainment recently revealed a new SDK download for those seeking to mod the company's starship action RPG, Drox Operative. The package includes documentation, tools, and a few examples mods. Drox Operative puts players in the role of an elite starship captain and features warring alien races, fierce space battles, a dynamic and evolving galaxy, and co-op multiplayer.

We encourage anyone that wants to make mods for Drox Operative to go right ahead. If your mod is good enough, we will even link over to it from this page. We just have a few simple ground rules:
  • The mod cannot contain any textures, models, or sounds from any of our games or demos (it can reference them of course, just can't include them)
  • Cannot claim to be official content
  • Cannot be sold or used for any other commercial purpose
  • Cannot be specifically made to work with the demo or a pirated copy of the game
  • Link back to our website (http://www.soldak.com/)
  • Soldak Entertainment, Inc. still owns all rights to Drox Operative properties
  • We reserve the right to take back these rights at any time if we feel that you are abusing our properties
  • Don't violate anyone else's copyrights, trademarks, etc.
Learn more at the link below.

Drox Operative Mods
Soldak Entertainment
Drox Operative
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Archives  News  Drox Operative Mod SDK Released